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The One Where We Celebrated World Product Day

May 28, 2020

3 minute read

Well, that’s a wrap for this year’s World Product Day, or is it?

World Product Day 2020 was always going to be a little different, but that didn’t mean we were going to let it pass us by. We played to our strengths and brought World Product Day to people scattered around the globe.

Our virtual World Product Day booth was where the magic happened. At the center of this were the free, one to one, Product Mentoring Sessions that were available to anyone who booked a slot. ProdPad’s product experts had cleared their schedules, making themselves available to chat to product people throughout the day.

Our team of product experts

Our community jumped at the chance to speak to them. It wasn’t long before our team of trusty product experts were deep in a variety of conversations. They offered advice and guidance, made roadmap recommendations, discussed new ideas, made suggestions, were a fresh pair of eyes, and sometimes they were just someone different to talk to – whatever the topic, our team showed up and delivered. 

Screenshots from social media

“The team and I enjoyed some really worthwhile conversations during World Product Day, and I am delighted with the response. Not only were we able to help people with their product-related queries, but we also got to spread our positive vibes and enjoy the day with our community. Yes, we advised. But most importantly, we celebrated.” Janna Bastow, CEO and Co-founder at ProdPad.

As well as booking in for a session, visitors to our virtual booth could also download one of our Handy Guides for Product People, check out some of our resources, and even learn a little more about ProdPad’s features.

World Product Day doesn’t need to end – you can still book a session

Who cares that World Product Day is over? We’ve received such great feedback that we’re keeping them going a little longer. Our product experts are still offering these valuable sessions to anyone who wants to have a chat about product management. 

Do you want to learn about ProdPad’s lean roadmap, backlog management, and feedback tools? Perhaps you’re after some advice and guidance for your own roadmap? Book yourself in for a session and we can go from there. If you just fancy a chat about best practice in product management then that’s totally fine, too. 

Fill in the below form to grab the last few slots.

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