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Why We’re Shaking Up Our Plans and Pricing

April 7, 2017

4 minute read

We’re shaking up our plans and pricing next month. Don’t panic.

If you’re a current ProdPad customer, you will get to keep the plan and price you’re on as long as you want. You’ve been with us from the start and we’re eternally grateful. Your plan is safe!

But going forward, our new customers will see a new option on our Plans & Pricing page: The Standard Plan.

The Standard plan is the first change we’ve made to our pricing in years and it’s a response to the way the market has changed since we first launched ProdPad.

Earlier this year, we pushed out an entirely new ProdPad. Our newly redesigned product – built with love by our stellar team – is a far cry from the bare bones tool that my co-founder Simon and I first put out on the market.

The original ProdPad product canvas

The earliest version of ProdPad known to man.

Early example of ProdPad

We didn’t have a UX designer back then either.

ProdPad Dashboard

Boom. The latest version of ProdPad.

When we started, the category of product management software didn’t even exist. Today, ProdPad has earned its spot in the product development ecosystem, alongside tools like JIRA, Trello and GitHub.

Our product has been able to evolve so quickly because we talk to our customers. We’re listening to what you say and learning how you’re using ProdPad to turn it into a consistently better, more useful experience.

Along the way, we’ve learned what makes our customers successful – and now that we know, we’re making it accessible to everyone.

Our new Standard plan is a flat $99/month and includes the following:

  • 3 Editor Roles and unlimited reviewers
  • Unlimited products and roadmaps
  • Unlimited integrations (including Zapier!)
  • Google and Slack SSO

You also get:

  • Access to our customer community on Slack
  • Fast and friendly customer support
  • Additional Editor roles ($49 each)

We’ve designed this plan to set up exactly the kind of product management workflow you want. No limits.

With the Standard Plan, you get unlimited integrations to hook up ProdPad with the tools you already use: JIRA, Trello, TFS, Rally, Pivotal Tracker. Plus, with our Zapier integration, you can choose from 200+ apps to build just about any workflow you want.

Plus, we’ve made it easier for you to bring an unlimited number of colleagues and teams onboard: Google and Slack SSO comes with this plan at no extra cost.

To make room for this new plan, we’re retiring our Basic and Plus plans. The Standard plan offers a level of functionality that neither of these plans can match.

YES, you can keep your existing plan

That being said, if you’re perfectly happy with your Basic or Plus plan now, you can keep it as long as you want. Same price, no changes.

For everyone else, this is your last chance to pick out your sweet, soon-to-be-grandfathered deal!

If you haven’t signed up for a plan yet, and want to get in on this sweet grandfathered deal, we’re extending this offer to you too.

Get in and grab your Plus or Basic plan by May 4th, 2017 to lock in your price.

Got feedback? Talk to us.

Our policy on everything at ProdPad is to test and iterate – and our new pricing policy is no exception.

We’ve designed this package after a ton of analysis sand feedback from our customers and this, but we’re always open to change. If you have thoughts on our new pricing, come talk to us! We’ll listen, we promise.



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