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Product Management Consulting Made Easy.

Introduce your clients to the future of product management with the ProdPad consultant plan.

Whether you have one client or a thousand – manage all of their strategies securely in one place.

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Solve problems at scale

As a consultant or agency, you’re managing multiple clients’ product strategies and educating them in best practices and techniques that will ensure the success of their product.

Introducing your clients to the best product management practices with ProdPad will enable you deliver success with a strong structure and framework.

When they are ready to fly solo, hand over the account seamlessly with a click of a button. With multiple account access, you can watch quietly from the background as your clients take the reins over their product process.

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How it works

We’re here for you – so you can focus on your clients.

As part of our consultants network, you’ll be first in line when we need to offer additional support to our customers. We’ll work together to identify our customer’s needs and support you as you deliver ProdPad certified training.

We provide you with your own custom discount code which will offer your clients 10% off on all plans available*. You and your team will have the ability to switch between accounts as needed, allowing you to keep on top of your work and keep delivering success.

What you get

  • Custom 10% discount code for all of your customers.
  • Multiple ProdPad accounts managed via a single login.
  • Add yourself as an admin to each client account for free, so no hidden fees for your clients!
  • Access to co-branded ProdPad training and educational materials, including slides, workbooks, white papers and case studies.
  • Support for multiple integrations and multiple products – support all your client processes in one place.
  • Easy switchover for admin and billing when you’re ready to move on.
  • Quick import of your client’s existing backlog – help them migrate over painlessly.
  • Brand yourself as a “ProdPad expert” – we’ll even give you a logo for it and list you on our website!

A plan made for you

  • You have a wealth of product management expertise and want to share it with your clients, so they can take their product into the future.
  • You want to ensure your clients build the right thing at the right time – and learn how to continue doing it.
  • You need a product management tool that helps you work with multiple clients at once – with an easy switchover for them once they’re self-sufficient.
  • You know the importance of a lean roadmap, and want industry support when explaining the value to company stakeholders.
  • You want to work with high-value clients who appreciate the value of a well-established expert.

Lead the way

Get in touch to book a demo. We’ll show you what our consultant plan can do for your business and your clients.

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