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Communicating Blockers by Showing Roadmap Dependencies

February 1, 2019

2 minute read

As the ProdPad team have learned more about the challenges faced by product teams, we’ve heard about the need to represent roadmap dependencies in ProdPad.

Logistical dependencies (where work on one initiative could be blocked by delays with a separate initiative) are useful to see on the roadmap when planning out your strategy, making sure that the outcomes you expect to achieve are feasible.

This is particularly important when working with a high volume of product roadmaps (maybe where your product roadmap is split by delivery team), as dependencies like this could be spread across multiple roadmaps.

Dots representing roadmap dependencies

Here’s how to show dependencies on your ProdPad roadmap:

Find the blocker card, prompt the slideout and grab the card’s URL.

Showing dependencies on your ProdPad roadmap

Add the URL to the relevant blocked card, with a note to say what’s blocking it. For a little extra flair, use some emojis!

User referral

Add a “blocked” tag and use the filters to make sure you have the visibility needed.

Add a blocked tag and use filters in ProdPad

When communicating strategy to your leadership team; you can now easily show which initiatives are dependent on each other; and clearly present all the relevant information needed to move forward. Risks? What risks? You’ve got a hold on this now.

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