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Re-Introducing Triage Mode for a Tidier Product Backlog

January 31, 2018

3 minute read

The unexciting tasks we push back until the end of the day, week, month or quarter are often the ones we need the most support on from technology. So as well as the exciting whizzy features, we build ProdPad to provide handy shortcuts for the boring stuff. That way, you can crack on with the parts of your job you love.

ProdPad’s triage mode helps you stay on top of your least favorite task: pruning and nurturing the product backlog. This feature brings simple prompts and better organisation to updating ideas so that you’re always aware of what needs your attention.

Triage mode allows you to quickly sort through your backlog, add any information, and move on to the next idea so you can get stuff done.

Take advantage of pre-set filters

Needs more detail

These ideas are just one-liners that could be fleshed out further. They probably need a little more detail so the rest of the team understands what was asked. Feel free to @mention colleagues to pull them into the conversation and get their feedback on the beginnings of the idea.

New Ideas Today

These ideas have been submitted in the last 24 hours. They probably need you to have a quick look, add your thoughts, or maybe get it on the roadmap.

Not updated recently

These ideas are at risk of being forgotten. Just have a quick look through at the end of each week. Even if you just add a tag or a comment, or answer something simple like ‘What problem is this idea solving’ in the business case, it’s a good step in grooming your product backlog effectively.

Potential Quick Wins

These ideas have a high impact and low effort. These are the ideas you should consider getting spec’d out and sent to development!

filtering ideas in triage mode

Alternatively, you also have access to create your own filters. If there’s a particular product or trend you want to keep your eyes on, save it as a filter and enter triage mode to decide which items you will be moving forward.

Investing in your product backlog pays off. Not only can you attack this vast repository of ideas with a bit more sanity, but you can shake its reputation as a place where ideas go to die.

At ProdPad we practice what we preach. Great feedback and user stories are at the heart of what we build. Tell us about your routine for taking care of the product backlog in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on "Re-Introducing Triage Mode for a Tidier Product Backlog"

  1. It would be handy to be able to set the parameters to define “quick win” and “not enough detail”. At the moment I’m having trouble having any of my tickets considered quick wins, and getting any of them out of “not enough detail”.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Steven!

      The ‘Not enough detail’ is a rough guide based on a few factors, though in general, if it has some tags, or user stories, or perhaps a mockup or two, it will be deemed to have enough detail.

      That said, those dashboard stats are new, so we are testing them out to see what works. Ideally, we want to get something that’s a little bit smarter, perhaps showing relative to the rest of the backlog or even based on what the team historically does before an idea is added to the roadmap or pushed to development. It’s not configurable right now, as we want to reduce complexity, though we’re exploring our options.

      If you have any suggestions or you think the ‘detail’ rating is off, let us know and we’ll see what we can tweak.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other suggestions on how we could indicate the health of your backlog and help you keep on top if it.

      All the best,

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