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Hmm, What Did We Do In 2015?

December 21, 2015

5 minute read

Wow, 2015 was a busy year for Team ProdPad. But we’re not complaining! We built a lot of value around ProdPad and our community this year and we’re pretty proud of what our small team got done. Highlights? Oh, there are plenty.

We did some talks, and won some pitches!

Our CEO Janna Bastow won the pitch competition for HandsOn.TV’s Startup Tour in Paris! Her prize is a trip to San Francisco to meet with top VCs and entrepreneurs early next year!

Janna crossed the globe to Brazil to give a keynote at ProdConf Sāo Paulo and then at RD Summit in Florianopolis. She still had time for a quick stop at ProductTank Sāo Paolo!

Meanwhile our other co-founder Simon Cast gave an amazing keynote at PODIM in Slovenia (video).

Aside from that, Janna was busy in and around London giving talks at the Business of Software conference (in Cambridge), Pivotal Labs, London SaaS Meetup (great video here!), UserConf London, and of course, ProductCamp London.

Co-founder Janna and our Head of Customer Success Andrea Saez filled up the room at ProductCamp London!

Product Camp London Janna Bastow and Andrea Saez

And that’s not all! We were out repping ProdPad at MTPcon (SF & London), Web Summit (Dublin), SXSW (Austin), and South Summit (sunny Madrid). Phew!

We gave away almost 1000 Handy Guides! Speaking of handy guides…

We ran out of Handy Guides! (Don’t worry, more on the way.)

How did they run out so fast? Well, we gave away tons at those conferences and a lot more of you asked for copies by email and Twitter.

We’re off to the printers for another big batch. If you want one, we finally created a page send us your deets!

ProdPad Handy Guide

We pitched Scoble!

Robert Scoble recorded Janna's pitch and posted the video to his Facebook

And all we got this blurry picture? Nah, it turned out to be way more than we could have ever expected. Scoble recorded Janna’s pitch and posted the video to his Facebook. The result was nuts. ProdPad received thousands of new visitors to our site and the response and level of inquiries kept us busy for weeks.

Check out the video!
(opens in Facebook)

We got some new people!

Got a burning question about product management? Chances are we can help you – or at least point you in the right direction. Don’t be a stranger!

Andrea Saez, Head of Customer Success (@dreasaez)


“I do a lot of client-facing stuff. I take care of all requests, attend demos and meet clients with Janna, and take care of our Help Center. I also write blog posts, tweet *a lot*, and make sure we’re spreading the word about ProdPad. I’m basically here to make sure our clients are happy and all our processes are simple and smooth, so new users have a really easy time getting onboard.”

Nandini Jammi, Head of Growth (@nandoodles)

Nandini Jammi

“Before ProdPad, I was over at Kayako building the conversation around customer success. Now I’m on the other end of the spectrum, building content and resources for ProdPad’s community of product managers.”

(Both of us prattle endlessly on Twitter, so feel free to jump in and say hi.)

We started writing more about product management!

And that really worked out for us.

Andrea took the crown as #1 most viewed writer on Quora for product management. Amazing!

Andrea Saez Quora Product Management

…and some of our blogs picked up steam in the product management community.

We won a freaking cool award!

Gartner ProdPad Cool Vendor 2015

“These companies have elements that we consider cool,” wrote Michael Shanler of Gartner as he announced the 2015 Cool Vendors for R&D.

We always knew ProdPad was cool, but now we have an award to prove it.

We got an office in Brighton!

ProdPad in Brighton

Brighton is about an hour outside of London, right on the sea. With views like this, we’re pretty happy here. But don’t worry, we still leave this magical oasis to come into London for meetings and ProductTank!

We introduced a startup plan!

Because we love startups. Because we are a startup. Because we know what a really great product manager is capable of with ProdPad as a sidekick.
Our startup plan is $20/year. You read that right – you can get ProdPad for a whole year at approximately the cost of 3.5 Chipotle burritos. Or a couple of beers, depending on your priorities. If you want it, just shoot us a message.

Oh, and we released a shiny new version of ProdPad!

It’s leaner, faster, more powerful and it’s getting better every day! You can try ProdPad Regenerated on your new account (or switch over from your existing account).

So what are we up to next year?

Not bad for a bootstrapped company, eh?

Expect bigger and better from us in 2016. We’ll be focused on building ProdPad into a tool and a resource center to help product managers work smarter and with a whole lot more confidence. Remember you can always see what we’re up to on our public roadmap!

But for now, a toast to an incredible 2015.

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