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Meet the Team: Emma Hill

August 15, 2019

3 minute read

Well, it’s been a while since we last did a Meet the Team blog post. However, we’ve got a good one for you. Please welcome our Customer Success Manager, Emma Hill, to the main stage! Emma looks after our lovely customers, and makes sure they are getting the most from PadPad. Once upon a time, Emma started off as a ProdPad customer, herself. Consequently, she fell in love with our product management software so much she just had to join the ProdPad family.

Emma and her adorable dog, Meg

Be sure to keep a look out for Emma at various events; but for now, let’s find out a little more:

Explain what you do 

I am the Customer Success Manager at ProdPad. I look after all our lovely customers; making sure they have everything they need to be successful. I love talking about product management and hearing about everyone’s different contexts and challenges – often we’re trying to solve the same problems. ProdPad is the product management software for everyone!

What did you do before ProdPad?

Most recently I was Product Manager at a great learning technology company called HT2 Labs. I was the first Product Manager and helped implement product management processes, including ProdPad! I just became obsessed with Product stuff. In the past, I used to manage education projects at the University of Warwick, including a large-scale initiative in Kazakhstan, teacher training and Warwick in Africa – a great charity project.

What’s great about working at ProdPad?

I get to talk about product management to product people ALL THE TIME! Mind the Product and ProdPad have helped me understand what product management is, so to now work here is great. I fan-girl pretty hard every day. 

Fav productivity app 

Well, apart from ProdPad, I would say Trello. I knock up boards for every project going: chores, wedding, trips, house fixing. Evernote is also pretty handy, or Keep, or even my Google calendar reminders. I basically need to write everything down as my brain is like a sieve.

Fav time-wasting app 

I am partial to snooping round Instagram. This rarely involves me actually taking photographs, but I do love looking at people’s pretty pictures. It’s an insight into the world (or at least an idealised version of it).

Most famous person you’ve ever met 

I used to work with DJ Fresh. Great guy. Unfortunately my dog, Meg, just used to bark at him all the time. I guess she didn’t think he was hot right now (do you get it?).

Fav thing about working remotely 

You get so much more done! Also, it makes for a lovely work/life balance. And I no longer have to sort out the dishwasher at home AND work.

Puppies or kittens? 

Puppies. All of the puppies. 

Any Hobbies? 

My dog Meg and I do flyball. We’re just getting into it but I’m a total pushy dog mum about it. She’s gonna be a flyball superstar one day! I also love: reading, films, Netflix binge-watching (especially Terrace House), going to the theatre.

Fun fact about you 

I once had to attend a court in Kazakhstan.

Emma and her dog, Meg at flyball



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