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Meet the Team: Janna Bastow

May 29, 2015

2 minute read

Here at ProdPad we’re really proud of what we’ve created, it would be impossible to make such an awesome tool without an awesome team.

In this edition of Meet the team who else could we introduce to you but our fearless leader? None other than the legend herself, Janna Bastow!

Janna Bastow presenting at Mind The Product, San Francisco 2017
CEO Janna Bastow on the Mind The Product stage, San Francisco 2017

Explain what you do at ProdPad

That’s a big question… My background is in product management and before that customer service, so those are the two things that I take to heart the most with ProdPad. I oversee the product vision and product direction alongside Simon; I talk to customers and gather feedback, give demos, and manage all aspects of the business, making sure that we’re constantly growing, and that the team is healthy and happy.

Favourite productivity app


Favourite time-wasting app

Ooooh… that’s a very good question. Either Chess or Google Stories.

Most famous person you’ve ever met

Richard Branson

Favourite thing about working remotely

Being able to work with the best people wherever they are, and the ability to work around a flexible lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in London or San Francisco that week, I can still get my work done.

Puppies or Kittens


Fun Fact about you

I once cycled from Paris to London

Got a question for Janna, or someone else on the team? Post it here in the comments or Tweet us!

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