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Good Ideas are Fleeting and Need Organization

December 27, 2013

4 minute read

Idea Management with Post Its

Idea management for developing products has long been a problem when the ideas come too fast and furious with no sense of organization. You’ve likely experienced eureka moments while doing other activities and scrambled to find a way to get those ideas down in a place other than a notepad. While notepads can help, a quick sketch of something complex might confuse you when referring to it later. Even other ideas or concepts you thought of afterward might have slipped your mind, resulting in a brilliant business idea being lost forever.

It doesn’t have to be that way if you choose a proper way to get things organized. Take a look at typical scenarios where idea management can go by the wayside without some special help, particularly when collaborating with a team. Fortunately, we can help all of that with our own idea management software, ProdPad.

Brainstorming from a Team

When developing a product (or bringing new ideas to an existing product), working with a creative team can be challenging if you don’t have close connections. Many of you may be too busy with other things to sit down in person and work out ideas together on a daily basis. While email can certainly help, you’re still lacking without having more sophisticated ways to share ideas using visuals and other organizational tools.

Here at ProdPad, we not only allow you to get ideas written down in a more organized way, but we also allow better team collaborations. Thanks to email integration and using discussion tools, you can collaborate with numerous people at once where ideas are easily stored and kept safe. Images of those ideas, such as wireframes, mockups, or just snaps of your whiteboard or notebook, can also be uploaded so you’ll have a multimedia center fitting all the chaotic pieces together.

When it comes to collaborations, feedback is the only way you’ll be able to fit an influx of various ideas together into something cohesive. Our tools help that immensely, along with immediate access to information stored there from other users to avoid confusion. You can even get a daily (or weekly) digest emailed to you to keep you up on what’s happening with particular discussions if you haven’t logged in for a while.

Capturing Ideas Before They Disappear

ProdPad in the Chrome Web Store
ProdPad in the Chrome Web Store

As noted above, the best ideas can ultimately be fleeting. You need something that can preserve them in a way that’s comprehensible for your personal reference or for your team’s perusal. We offer you the ability to instantly email an idea directly into our software so it doesn’t get lost or forgotten when you’re on the go. It’ll stay safe there until you have the time to focus on it. In the meantime, your collaborators can look at it and give you immediate feedback once you return.

Plus, when you’re browsing the Internet while on the go and happen to get one of those eureka moments, you don’t even have to sign in to our software to get it in writing. With the Google Chrome extension, you can instantly get the idea written down as part of your product backlog.

It’s time you stopped those bad habits of forgetting good ideas that could have turned into a world-changing business innovation. Contact us here at ProdPad to learn more about our software and the myriad organizational features you’ll be able to enjoy. We’ll help you turn the chaos of multiple ideas into something that forms a very clear picture.

Don’t have a ProdPad account yet? Just sign up for a free trial and try it for yourself today!

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