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Google Apps integration for Single Sign-On

March 31, 2014

3 minute read

We understand the challenge of opening up product management to the rest of your organization. Many of your colleagues have a huge amount of value to offer, but with their own jobs to do it’s not always easy for them to contribute it.

Our latest integration with Google Apps will make it even more practical to involve your entire team in idea management. With the ProdPad app now available in the Google Apps Chrome Store, any member of your Google Apps organization has easy Single Sign-On (SSO) access to ProdPad.

Adding ProdPad to your Google Apps domain offers a simple and familiar way to share your ProdPad account with everyone in your team, whether they’re already using it or not. We create an account for any new user who clicks through to ProdPad via the Google Apps link, and existing users will automatically be mapped to their accounts based on their email address.

It’ll create a simple link to your ProdPad account, so anyone in your organization can join or sign in with just one click:

Signing in with Google
Sign in with just one click
Access from Google Apps
Access ProdPad from your Google Apps…
The More Apps section
… under the ‘More’ apps section

New users created in ProdPad via the Google Apps integration will automatically be assigned the most basic ‘Reviewer’ access, so that you can be sure your product backlog is opened as widely as possible without losing control. But of course, Admins can use account settings to manage roles and permissions for all users no matter how they are added.

Integrate with Google Apps SSO

It’s easy to get your ProdPad account hooked up with the Google Apps integration, whether you already have an existing account that you want to use Google Apps SSO with, or whether you’re just getting started with a new account.

Hook up Google Apps SSO to your Existing Account

To set up your account with a Google Apps integration, log in and head to your Settings, from the link in the top bar. Then, in the Google Apps Domain section, click “Integrate with Google Apps” to get started. From there, you’ll be taken to the Google Apps Marketplace listing for ProdPad, where you can authenticate your account. Once done, you’ll be taken back to your ProdPad account, and you’ll find that your colleagues with the same domain name as you can now access the ProdPad account as well. We do all the work on the ProdPad end for you.

Start a new ProdPad account with Google Apps SSO

To sign up to ProdPad with the Google Apps integration activated from the start, just head to the registration page and select “Register with Google Apps”. You’ll then be asked to sign in with your Google account (if you’re not already), and then simple add ProdPad by clicking the “Add it now” button in the Google Apps Marketplace listing.

The Google Apps SSO comes as the latest of several different ways in which you can integrate ProdPad more easily into your day-to-day work, including a Google Chrome extension and email dropbox for sharing ideas. And we’ve already got plenty more in the pipeline to make this Google Apps integration even tighter.

This new feature is available now for our Premium and Enterprise customers who can connect up their accounts from Google Settings.

If you’d like to try out ProdPad to improve your product management processes, you can sign up today and start exchanging ideas across your entire team.

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