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Step up your strategy with the new Product Canvas

October 4, 2019

2 minute read

The product canvas is a simple structure to help you visualize your product goals alongside your business goals. This one pager pulls together all of the elements of your strategy into a single section. It’s designed to give all of your internal stakeholders (your team, perhaps your board) a high-level view of what products are on your plate, and what each one is looking to achieve.

To help communicate this clearly, we have redesigned the product canvas and introduced a brand new product line canvas! This redesign adds another level of flexibility for you and your team with the addition of a customizable canvas to more accurately match the framework of your organization. Whether you’re a product manager looking to use a lean canvas or a product marketer looking to track competitor and market analysis, our brand new canvas will meet your needs.

It doesn’t matter if your team has decided not to use the term ‘vision’ on your canvas; you can simply edit accordingly. Making sure your product canvas aligns with stakeholders, and the rest of your company in general, will increase transparency for the entire company. 

With everyone on the same page, it will be easier to liaise with other teams on your product’s progress.

How does the product canvas work?

By default, the canvas includes four text areas: 

Vision – What value does your product aspire to create?

Description – What is your product and who is it for?

Strategy – How do you measure your product success?

Value – How does the product benefit the business?

ProdPad's product canvas

As all areas of the canvas are editable. You have the freedom to change the headings, descriptions, and even add your own flair with emoji.

If you need help writing a stellar product vision, check out our product vision template.

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