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Going Enterprise with ProdPad and Jira Align

April 3, 2020

2 minute read

Jira Align (previously known as AgileCraft) is an enterprise software that sits on top of Jira Software. Jira Align provides large development teams access to view multiple projects and optimize performance.

ProdPad connects directly to Jira Software, and Jira Software connects to Jira Align. This means a direct workflow can be implemented between all three to support product and agile development. 

Oh yes, these three systems can operate together in perfect harmony. The product manager can drive products forward in ProdPad, before pushing them over to Jira for development. Development teams will be able to stay outcome focused by using Jira Align to make sure all products align with the wider strategy.

This three-way integration will bring your business and technology teams together, creating transparency within your entire organization. How else can you be sure that you’re all on the same page?

How do I set this integration up?

We can help you with that. Just follow these three simple steps to set up your integration. Do get in touch if you need any help.

Step 1: Sync between ProdPad and JIRA 

Following the instructions in our JIRA set up guide, map your fields and workflow statuses as needed.

Once you have mapped everything as needed, we will receive the update directly from JIRA, which will then update the status in ProdPad automatically.

Step 2: Sync between JIRA and Align

All data is mapped automatically between both pieces of software during the synchronization process. Below is a diagram of the mapping breakdown between the two modules.

JIRA and Align explanation

Step 3: Sync ProdPad + JIRA + Align

Once ProdPad is mapped to Jira Software, and Jira is mapped to Align, the status updates will come through seamlessly.

Jira and Align have bidirectional status and data updates, while ProdPad will receive the status update directly from Jira (either on its own, or influenced by updates from Align).

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