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Avoiding COVID-19: How Does a Product Manager “Own” Working From Home?

March 11, 2020

6 minute read

With Covid-19 cases rising, companies are becoming increasingly concerned for the health and safety of their own workforce. Therefore, we thought it was time we did our bit for our beloved product management sector.

It’s not uncommon for companies to offer remote working, even before the Coronavirus outbreak. However, some employees (including product managers) have been told they have to work from home to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further.

Product Managers are the glue holding teams together. They’re faced with the demanding task of driving new products through development to meet customer needs. Can such an integral role work remotely and still achieve success? 

Our Chief Customer Officer, Liz Love, took to Twitter to ask product managers if they had any tips for working at home while Covid-19 continues. Liz is a remote worker at ProdPad, and therefore knows how important it is to get your WFH setup just right. 

“The Covid-19 outbreak has pushed product managers into working environments that they might not be accustomed to. As a remote worker I know that it takes a little time to get set-up and establish a successful ‘working from home routine.’ It doesn’t happen overnight. I took to Twitter to see if we could get some handy tips and advice to help those who are no longer able to be office based.

Liz Love, Chief Customer Officer.

Working from home and giving Covid-19 a wide berth? Here are some top tips from our friends in the product management industry:

Look after your mental wellbeing

Check your ‘Work Vs Life Balance’ boundaries

Never stop communicating

And, be mindful of your online tone

A lot of your communication is going to be via audio or written messages. This means it can be easy to misinterpret the way in which a colleague has said something to you. Don’t take it personally; it can be really easy to misunderstand the tone of a comment if you’re not working face-to-face.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a response, we really appreciate it. The ProdPad app is great for teams with remote workers. Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about how we can help. We hope the Covid-19 virus can be managed effectively to secure the safety for everyone.

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