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Autosave to the rescue!

September 3, 2013

3 minute read

As you type, ProdPad will helpfully save every last bit for you!
As you type, ProdPad will helpfully save every last bit for you!

We know how frustrating it is to lose even just a tiny fraction of your work. It’s happened to us all: You’re typing away and an accidental bump or click or backspace causes the browser to reload, losing your hard work with it.

It can be catastrophic (we know how impossible it is to retype it to sounds just as good as the first time), or plain annoying (sure, it was only a few words, but it’s the principle!).

This is why we’ve implemented a lifesaver of a feature: Autosave.

Peace of mind

From now on, you can type away happily, knowing your every last word is being caught and saved, whether you’re updating a new feature request, fleshing out your product strategy, or adding some flair to your product roadmap.

Simply put, you won’t lose your work again.

Quicker to edit

An extra bonus for you is that this also makes it faster and easier for you to work. You no longer need to click to get into ‘edit mode’ and the click to save your work. It’s all done in one smooth movement. Click what you want to edit, type away, and as you go, we’ll save every last bit. We’ll even helpfully tell you when everything’s being saved, so you’re never left unsure.

Full coverage

This is more than just one little autosave box we’re talking about. We’ve rolled out these helpful changes through our app, whether you’re triaging new ideas, updating your product canvas, adding user feedback, user personas, or your roadmap.

Check it out in the following pages:

  • Ideas Management: Idea title, description, business case, user stories and user acceptance test criteria, functional specs and any additional notes
  • Product Canvas: Product name, description, key KPIs, and product vision
  • User Personas: Persona name, description, behaviors, goals, and frustrations/limitations
  • User Feedback: Any feedback snippet from users
  • Product Roadmap: Roadmap card titles and descriptions

If you’re not already on ProdPad, you can start your free trial today!

It’s the little things that make a product delightful to use, and this one is our latest to help you work smoothly and delightfully. We hope it helps! If you have other suggestions on how we can make ProdPad even better to use, get in touch any time at

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