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Set a Status, Set a Course for Agile Project Management

August 14, 2013

2 minute read

Set Custom Statuses to match your particular flavour of Agile Project Management
Set Custom Statuses to match your particular flavour of Agile Project Management

ProdPad supports your company no matter what your development process is made of: Agile, Kanban, ScrumBan, Agile Jazz, or even good ol’ fashioned waterfall.

That said, most of our customers are using some form of Agile Project Management. And in line with that, one of our biggest requests was to allow you to set a status on your ideas so you can see where in the development pipeline they are.

This is why we’ve just released Custom Idea Statuses, allowing you to set a status for each of your ideas in your product backlog.

Using Statuses to Manage a Product Backlog

Part of keeping your product backlog nice and tidy is being able to identify where your old ideas and feature requests currently reside.

Is a feature in development? Then mark it as ‘In Development’.  Is it nearly out there? Then mark it as ‘In QA’.

We’ve just launched ‘Custom Statuses’ for ProdPad, allowing you to add statuses like ‘In Development’, ‘In QA’ or whatever else you see fit.

Set an idea status in ProdPad

You can even use these statuses to capture the reason behind archiving an idea. When you archive an idea, it stays in ProdPad (though not in your active backlog), so you can still find it later.

When you archive your next idea, use the status field to denote as to whether it was ‘Released’ or if you’re ‘Not Doing It’. That way, if someone comes up with a similar idea, they can see the fate of the previous one!

We’ve created a few default statuses for you, but you can change these as you see fit. Simply go to your ‘Account Settings’ and add or update the existing statuses to fit your workflow.

Head into your ProdPad account now and check it out. If you don’t have an account, then why not start your free trial today!

Agile Project Management with JIRA? Call for Beta Testers!

Are you using JIRA? We’d love to get you set up with our two-way JIRA integration, which allows you to map your statuses in ProdPad to those in JIRA. That way, your ProdPad account always reflects the latest status of all of your ideas.

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Håvard Solheim
August 20, 2013 10:54 am

I look forward to learn more about the capacity of the two-way Jira integration and status-mapping.