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The #1 Product Management Platform

Build products that solve problems and drive outcomes

Roadmap, idea management and feedback software to help you work faster and communicate better. Get insight, make decisions, take action and tell the story.

ProdPad product management software complete platform for product managers

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Product management done right

Make the best decisions and keep stakeholders in the loop with a single source of truth for all things product. This is more than product management software, it’s a better way of working.

Plan your strategy

Build and share a product roadmap that shows what you’re working on, when and why.

Surface key ideas

Capture, prioritize and evolve the ideas and initiatives that will drive your product outcomes.

Delight customers

Gather and understand your customers’ feedback, solve their problems, and keep them in the loop.

The ProdPad difference…

A product roadmap initiative card in prodpad product management software

stakeholder communication

Tell a clearer product story

Give stakeholders a roadmap that explains and evidences not just what you’re doing, but WHY. Your roadmap items clearly linked to objectives, the problems to solve, related customer feedback, prioritization score, target outcomes, the progress stage – everything they need to understand your decisions and ask less questions.

Product OKR management in ProdPad product management software

goal management

Stay outcome focused

You’re not a project manager, you’re the author and custodian of a powerful product strategy. So work with a tool that will keep you focused on driving results not just shipping goods. With OKR management, target outcomes tracking and roadmap views to showcase what you’ve achieved, you and the team will stay focused on what matters most and move needles.

AI tools for product managers in ProdPad product management software

AI Assitance

Work faster and smarter with AI for product managers

With the most advanced AI tools of any product management software, you can enjoy AI help at every turn. From getting you off the blank page with descriptions and specs, right through to getting expert coaching and a helping hand with your ideation. Now you can move faster and do more.

Product team collaboration in ProdPad product management software

organization-wide collaboration

Power your product culture with a true collaboration hub

With ProdPad integrated with more of the tools your wider organization use, you can invite and capture discussion, ask for feedback and give people an easy outlet for their product ideas – all without needing to login to ProdPad. Enjoy a single source of truth for all communication and documentation and finally get everyone in the company to engage.

Pull and push to the tools your stakeholders already use

Pull in feedback, gather ideas, communicate the plan and track the execution through powerful two-way syncs and integrations.

  • Jira


  • Azure DevOps

    Azure DevOps

  • GitHub


  • Trello


  • Pivotal Tracker

    Pivotal Tracker

  • Uservoice


  • Slack


  • Salesforce


  • Intercom


  • Confluence


  • Team Foundation Server

    Team Foundation Server

  • Zapier


  • Rally


  • SAML


  • Rest API

    Rest API

  • Google Apps

    Google Apps


  • Active Directory Federated Service

    Active Directory Federated Service

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When teams use ProdPad, they don’t go back. ProdPad isn’t just a product management tool, it’s a community of product people who want to do things right.

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