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Better Product Management,
Better Outcomes

Combine the power of objective-based lean roadmapping with comprehensive idea, experimentation, and user feedback management.

Plan your strategy

Release the power of the lean roadmap, defining and sharing what’s important to your business.

Surface key ideas

Capture, organize and share the ideas and initiatives that will drive your product forward.

Delight customers

Understand your customers’ desires, solve their problems, and keep them in the loop.

Product Management Software with a Lean Product Roadmap
Lean Roadmapping
Lean Roadmapping

Trapped in a feature factory and can’t get out?

Strengthen your strategy with a lean product roadmap

Empower your team with a roadmap that lets you work and pivot without dubious deadlines. Publish and share your strategy to keep the team focused on outcomes.

Idea Discovery
Idea Discovery

Do you have a big, scary beast of a backlog?

Discover the problems that need to be solved next

ProdPad gives you the tools to understand your idea backlog and make the right decisions on what to prioritize.

Product Management Tools with Idea and Backlog Management
Product Strategy Management Software with User Feedback
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Have you lost touch with your customers?

Understand your customers and close the feedback loop

Harness the power of customer feedback to ensure you solve the problems standing between you and product success.


Need to fit in with your existing workflow?

ProdPad integrates with the tools you already use

Whether you’re collecting customer feedback or pushing to development, connect your favorite tools and apps to ProdPad.

Integrate with other Product Management tools
ProdPad Squircle Log

You’ve come to the right place

Let’s face it, building awesome products is really hard work. ProdPad was built for product managers and their teams to never miss opportunities in their backlog, track and hit business objectives and solve customer problems.

Clearvision logo for customer testimonial on Product Management Software

“I pitched and presented a product roadmap recently to our CEO. It didn’t take any explanation. It just made perfect sense. They just get it.”

Mark, Technical Product Manager

Allovue logo for customer testimonial on product management tools

“ProdPad filled in the blanks that other product management products seemed to skip over by connecting the ideas we were working on with the related customer feedback.”

Maggie, Director of Product Management

15Five logo customer testimonial for product strategy management software

“Customers look forward to calls with me because I’m informed about what’s going on. It builds credibility every time I’m able to tell them what we have planned next.”

Priscilla, Customer Success Manager

Tillo customer testimonial on ProdPad Product Management Software

“The support from ProdPad is brilliant, and the support team is very responsive, second to none. It’s really important and often gets forgotten in SaaS products.”

Eddie, Senior Product Manager

ClickTime customer testimonial logo

“It’s nice to have someone from the product team explain to you really clearly: ‘We hear your request and this is actively on our roadmap’ vs. ‘I don’t know if we’re ever going to do that.’”

Barbara, Product Manager

Product Mavern customer testimonial logo

“We have a lot of stakeholders who don’t know what product is. We use ProdPad as a great equalizer in the companies we work with.”

Ryan, Cofounder & CEO

Pepper customer testimonial logo

“As well as being a great way to manage our product backlog, ProdPad has helped me to formalize our internal processes and introduce best practices. I’ve implemented it in two startups now and wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Adam, Head of Product

Target customer testimonial logo

“I use ProdPad for all of my pre-development work. Nothing goes in JIRA until it meets our definition of ready. It’s helped my team manage our product roadmap immensely.”

Michelle, Product Manager

Rosslyn customer testimonial logo

“I would very much recommend ProdPad – very easy to configure, easy to use and popular with end users. The quantity of ideas being submitted has increased and the roadmap ‘black hole’ and ‘out of date roadmaps in circulation’ problem is no more.”

Julie, Head of Product Management

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