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Product Management Webinar: Data Validation

How to use data to validate hypotheses and gain influence

An essential aspect of product management is validating your hypotheses, so you can build the best version of your product. But how can you incorporate the use of data to ensure that your discovery process is well informed? 

Watch our webinar with Yana Yushkina, Product Manager at Google Search and host Janna Bastow, CEO of ProdPad and inventor of the Now/Next/Later roadmap to find out.

About Yana Yushkina

Yana Yushkina is the product manager for Search and Suggestions on the Chrome at Google. She focuses on helping users find information and complete tasks on the internet.

Yana has been a product manager for 3 years, all of them on Chrome but focusing on a variety of features. This includes language and translation, personalization and customization.

In college she studied Economics and French, and then did a stint in economic consulting and data analytics. Then she made the transition into product management.

“Product management is the perfect role as far as I’m concerned – challenging, impactful, and with a lot of variety.” – Yana Yushkina

Key Takeaways

  • Why data isn’t a substitute for qualitative user research, user empathy, and product intuition
  • How data can be used as a tool for validating hypotheses
  • Why data is helps to influence teams and reach a consensus
  • How to incorporate data to ensure your discovery process is well informed. 
Selection of metrics from Yana Yushkina's presentation

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