ProdPad Reviews

ProdPad Reviews

Want to know what ProdPad users really think? Well, here are some real ProdPad reviews from our sharp, savvy customers.

From our happy users

Ruben van den Heuvel, Director of Product at TicketScript 

“ProdPad allows us to have one centralized place all colleagues can go to and drop ideas in. Whether that’s the sales person that just came from a client meeting, the finance department or a developer who discovered a new tool which would be awesome to implement. It helps the product team to get insight into the struggles they run into, improves internal communication and helps to build a better business case in order to improve prioritization.”  TicketScript Insights

Matt Bilotti, Product Manager at Drift

“It’s especially valuable because of how they uniquely map the concept of customer feedback as it relates to product ideas. They really nail this experience and that’s the core value prop for the team.” The Ultimate Product Manager’s Toolkit

Ajay Dawar, VP of Global Product Management and Design at Everstring

“It’s very hard to get 6 people into a room and look at 600 ideas and get 6 people to agree on that. ProdPad helps us make a decision based on what they do for for our customers and for us as a company.” ProdPad Case Study

Julie Edwards, Head of Product Management at Rosslyn Analytics

“ProdPad is a great solution with superb customer service and regular enhancements. We needed an easy solution to help solve three core problems – collaborative and centralized idea management, real-time roadmap transparency and capturing ad hoc customer feedback.

Our agile project management solution was great for operational delivery and sprint management, however we were missing a vital mechanism for collaborative idea management, roadmap management / visibility and user feedback.

ProdPad is used across our company. We’re seeing more ideas submitted to our backlog and the roadmap “black hole” and “out of date roadmaps in circulation” problem is no more.

I would very much recommend ProdPad – very easy to configure, easy to use and popular with teams.”

From ProductHunt

“This is a stellar product management tool that is designed to help you view and prioritize ideas from across your company. ProdPad’s theme-based roadmap will help your product team stay organized and focus—but it’s also built for non-product people, too.”
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From Twitter

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