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Product Management Services

Unlock Product Success for Your Whole Team

ProdPad is built for product people, by product people.
We support all our customers in using ProdPad to support product processes, no matter the size of your team.

All our customers benefit from

  • Expert product support
  • Customer community on Slack
  • Help Center with implementation and product resources 
  • Opportunity to share feedback and take part in our user research

For bigger teams on our Enterprise plans

We can provide more one-to-one support as required, including:

  • Kick-off with the core user group for ProdPad overview, key decisions on setup & next steps for rollout
  • Onboarding session(s) with the wider group of users where we will do a joint session to introduce ProdPad and how it will support your product processes 
  • Quarterly review sessions with the team to discuss best practices, feedback, and upcoming ProdPad improvements

For customers on our Enterprise plan, we can work with your team to develop terms of service that work for you, from custom payment methods to custom contracts and detailed security assessments.

Our Process

During the stages of your ProdPad journey the following support and services are available

  • Evaluation icon
  • Process review icon
    Process review
  • Configuration Icon
  • Rollout icon
  • Continued Success Icon
    Continued Success
  • Standard Services
    1. 1. Evaluation
      • Evaluate support for your process
    2. 2. Process review
      • Implementation Guide
      • Roadmap Clinic
    3. 3. Configuration
      • Help Center materials
    4. 4. Rollout
      • Team walkthroughs
    5. 5. Continued Success
      • Health checks
  • Expert Services
    1. 1. Evaluation
      • Agree scope of implementation support
    2. 2. Process review
      • Rollout planning
      • Project team training
      • Kick off meeting
    3. 3. Configuration
      • Regular checkpoints
    4. 4. Rollout
      • Training resources
      • User training
      • Regular checkpoints
    5. 5. Continued Success
      • Training as needed
      • Retrospective
      • Regular checkpoints

Additional Training

Customized training with a ProdPad expert is available as an addition to your subscription.

Classroom training

Classroom training for individual users, including how to use ProdPad with an eye to best practice

Train the trainer

Train-the-trainer approach for larger-scale rollouts

Product Manager and Stakeholder perspectives

Consideration of product manager and stakeholder perspectives

Remote or on-site

Remote or on-site options

Want to know more? Get in touch

Get in touch to get advice on a successful implementation. We’ll chat to you about the available options, and get you on the road to success

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