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Unlock Product Success for Your Whole Team

ProdPad’s customer success team are here to help you plan and execute a successful rollout

Standard Services

Free for all customers

Our standard support allows you to:

  • Review your plans for implementation with a ProdPad expert
  • Introduce ProdPad to your team with a dedicated walkthrough
  • Join a Roadmap Clinic to assess your current structure and learn how to make improvements
  • In-app help & support, with access to our Implementation Guide and Help Center

Expert Services

Included in your package for all Enterprise customers

Get services that ensure your ProdPad scales successfully.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • 1-to-1 support during configuration & roll out
  • Curated resources
  • Regular checkpoints & retrospectives
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Additional training available

You can also upgrade to Expert Services on your Advanced, Essential or Performance plan as a $5,000 add on option.

Our Process

During the stages of your ProdPad journey the following support and services are available

  • Evaluation
  • Process review
  • Configuration
  • Rollout
  • Continued Success
  • Standard Services
    1. 1. Evaluation
      • Evaluate support for your process
    2. 2. Process review
      • Implementation Guide
      • Roadmap Clinic
    3. 3. Configuration
      • Help Center materials
    4. 4. Rollout
      • Team walkthroughs
    5. 5. Continued Success
      • Health checks
  • Expert Services
    1. 1. Evaluation
      • Agree scope of implementation support
    2. 2. Process review
      • Rollout planning
      • Project team training
      • Kick off meeting
    3. 3. Configuration
      • Regular checkpoints
    4. 4. Rollout
      • Training resources
      • User training
      • Regular checkpoints
    5. 5. Continued Success
      • Training as needed
      • Retrospective
      • Regular checkpoints

Additional Training

Customized training with a ProdPad expert is available as an addition if you have Expert Services

Classroom training for individual users, including how to use ProdPad with an eye to best practice

Train-the-trainer approach for larger-scale rollouts

Consideration of product manager and stakeholder perspectives

Remote or on-site options

Want to know more? Get in touch

Get in touch to get advice on a successful implementation. We’ll chat to you about the available options, and get you on the road to success

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