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What is Delivery?

Delivery is the point at which complete product specifications are handed over to the development team or engineers to be designed, built and implemented.

Where does Delivery fit into the Product Management Process?

Every stage in the Product Management process builds up to a successful transition to delivery. It is at this point of handover to developers that the role of the product management rolls back, but Product Managers must be available to answer any questions about new changes, and begin preparation to test the results once the change is implemented.

Delivery Best Practices

Ensuring that you’ve developed ideas with as clear specifications as possible will make the transition to development as seamless as possible. When preparing product specs for your development or engineering team, consider in advance the questions they’re likely to pose in order to do their jobs successfully. Not only will you free up your time to move onto the next idea, but you’ll also reduce the margin for error and misunderstanding over how a change should be built.

In your checklist for delivery, consider:

  • Technical specifications
  • Prototypes
  • Design mockups
  • User stories and feedback

How can ProdPad help?

ProdPad integrates with project management systems so that every team can continue to use tools that are fit-for-purpose, while collaborating better. Simple integrations – including JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and Rally – allow you to push the information your developers need through to their own tools with the click of a button. Statuses in the development pipeline can be shared back to ProdPad so that you can keep an eye on everything from just one place, and even contributors to the idea at its earliest stage can be alerted to its progress.