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Everything you need to be an amazing product manager

Build quick and flexible product roadmaps

Snap your product roadmap together on the same flexible template used by lean and agile product teams.

Publish online and by PDF
Drag and drop priorities
Use color-coded objectives

Put the product backlog where everyone can see it

Open up product ideas to the rest of your company for votes, comments, and where they can help you write product specs.

Multiple ways to add ideas
Estimate impact and effort
Develop detailed product specs

Spot high-impact priorities across your product backlog

The priority chart reflects your own inputs to help you pick out the ideas that make a difference to your business and users.

Spot quick wins
Sort, search and filter
New, detailed ideas get bigger and brighter

Visualize ideas together and collaborate

Support your ideas with designs, screenshots and any other images. With the help of annotations and versioning, you can visualize the next steps together.

Dropbox and Google Drive integrations
Annotate directly on designs
Supports versioning
Invite comments and discussions

Keep realistic user profiles at the center of your product

User personas help you develop a realistic profile of each type of use you serve. Put them at the center of your product planning, as they’re meant to be.

Capture traits of your users
Store user research and docs
Link personas to product ideas

Plays nice with the tools you already use

JIRA, Trello, Slack, you name it – we work with the tools you already use. Put our native integrations to use, so you can sit back and let work do itself.

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