Our Roadmap

At ProdPad, we want to be as transparent as possible about our product direction, while showing you great ways to create and show off your own product roadmap.  We use ProdPad ourselves, every day, and have built our roadmap and embedded it here for all to see.

Here’s our latest Product Roadmap, showing you the direction we’re taking with our own product.  The colors are a rough indication of what sort of initiative each represents, and it generally maps to:

  • Green: Enhancements made for the entire team, basic engagement/usability improvements.
  • Yellow: More advanced usage, intended for Product Managers / Admins, to make their lives easier.
  • Purple: Integration enhancements (either into existing tools, or into offline formats like printable versions)
  • Brown Technical enhancements, making sure the code base is clean and robust.
  • Blue: Enterprise, super advanced usage improvements.
  • Grey: Other. These ones are still pretty high level, blue sky thinking ideas, rather than defined enhancements.

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