When lightning strikes, capture it.

The spark of an idea can form anywhere – sitting on the bus, reading a book, or half-way up a mountain.

Don’t let these ideas fizzle out. Let them burn bright.

Wherever your team is, they can log ideas instantly into ProdPad using Slack.


lightning bolt


The best ideas are formed through collaboration and conversation. Your team are already filling your Slack channels with amazing ideas, are you making the most of them?

With the ProdPad Slack bot you can instantly log these ideas into a single searchable backlog.

Creating ideas in ProdPad from Slack image

Create ideas from Slack

No more wasting time! Create ideas on the go by using a simple #idea command.

Slackbot can search ProdPad for ideas image

Search for existing ideas

Search your backlog, keep your team up to date, and avoid duplicates!

Vote on ideas created in Slack

Vote directly from Slack

When a product idea sparks a discussion in Slack, all comments and votes are captured and sent to ProdPad. Like magic!

Push ProdPad activity to Slack

Monitor activity directly in Slack

Give those ideas some face time. Push activity to your channels as they happen, so your team has the opportunity to jump on and get engaged!

Slack SSO for ProdPad

Invite and onboard your entire team to ProdPad. With unlimited reviewers, you don’t have to be choosy.

Slack communities on ProdPad

If you’re running a Slack community, gather feedback from your users with the bot, and send it straight into ProdPad for review.


1. Click the “Add to Slack” button to start

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Figuratively.

ProdPad and Slack

2. Set up the integration in ProdPad

Map your channels to publish ideas and feedback.

Slackbot Feedback from ProdPad

3. Your ProdPad bot is now ready to use!

Use the bot to communicate with ProdPad.

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"We live in Slack and like that internal stakeholders can see all the new ideas that the product team is entering. This visibility into idea formation really gives our internal stakeholders a sense of what we're working on.

We love the stream of customer feedback coming in because it allows us to keep a constant pulse on user requests and pain points. Seeing the feedback in slack allows us to tag the user's account manager or customer support if we spot a possible wow-moment. And what’s best? With Slack SSO, every new hire automatically gets a viewer account to ProdPad."

- Topher England, Product Manager @ Zlien

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