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Product Roadmap Template

Craft clear product strategies focused on outcomes with our “Now-Next-Later” lean product roadmap template! It’s made to support your OKRs and measure success.

Craft clear product strategies focused on outcomes with our “Now, Next, Later” lean product roadmap template.

What you’ll find in this template

As a product manager, you must always keep an eye on the bigger picture. That’s why we created a roadmap template that links your objectives and key results directly to your roadmap initiatives.

Each card in the roadmap template represents a problem to be solved, connected to your objectives and the experiments you’re running to meet each.

This template also includes tips, techniques, and further resources to help you on your product journey. Once you’ve mastered the roadmap template, why not visit our Sandbox and see what lean roadmapping looks like in action with ProdPad.

Janna Bastow

About the author

Janna Bastow is co-founder and CEO of ProdPad, software that helps product managers plan and deliver better products. Janna has organized ProductTank events worldwide and is a founder of Mind The Product, a global community of product managers. She likes to inspire great product conversations by asking: “What problem are you trying to solve?”