Case Study: 15Five

Customers look forward to calls with me because I’m informed about what’s going on. It builds credibility every time I’m able to come to the table and tell them what we have planned next.

Priscilla Zorrilla

Customer Success Manager at 15Five

Could you tell us how do you feel about ProdPad (using only emojis)?

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One of 15Five’s core values is to keep things simple.

“We believe that there is often a simpler way to doing almost anything,” they like to say.

That’s not just a mantra they use for their customers. It’s also the basis for how they work together as a team, how they approach every problem that they need to solve, and how they develop their product.

For a company that helps other companies manage workplace relationships, it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to keep their customer experience simple.

Here’s why 15Five depends on ProdPad to build a product that has their customers – including Citrix, Unbounce and Warby Parker – totally hooked.

What problem is 15Five trying to solve?

15Five wants to put an end to the poor communication and everyday workplace frustrations that snowball into unhappy teams with high turnover rates. Their tool helps foster healthy relationships between managers and employees through weekly check-ins.

What’s making Priscilla highly effective at 15Five?

Priscilla doesn’t just log customer feedback – she gets to go back and tell them when the team has implemented changes to help

Collect every single customer feedback. All of it.

“I take every single piece of feedback and put it in ProdPad. When I say I’m going to share something with the product team, that’s me putting into ProdPad. Every customer I talk to does have a voice.”

Get their names too.

“I can thank people for their feedback. Enhances relationship to be able to come back and tell them we implemented it.

Comb through customer feedback every week

The 15Five co-founders get together in a room once a week to comb through customer feedback. They use ProdPad to pull out the insights they need:

  • What are clients with the most seats saying?
  • What are the things we’re hearing the most?
  • What are our reporters and reviewers saying?

Get back to them with awesome updates.

“It’s also so cool to tell a customer that something they shared with us is something we’re implementing now. They get to feel like they’re shaping the platform, and they pretty much are!”

Fave feature

Weekly digest

“It gives me insight into what’s actually making its way from the feedback to the roadmap. Plus, it saves everybody time because I’m just getting that information there.”

The final word

“ProdPad is pretty damn simple. I was able to find my way around really easily and I think that says a lot about the product and its simplicity.”

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