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Want to meet in San Francisco?

April 8, 2013

Team News & Events

Come meet us in San Francisco!

Come meet us in San Francisco!

This week, our co-founder, Simon Cast, is in San Francisco. The city is packed with great startups, tech companies, and brilliant Product Managers, and we’re planning to meet some of them while out there.

Check your calendar

If you’re in town on Tuesday, April 9th, there’s a ProductTank event happening. Come for a free round of drinks and a chance to chat with a bunch of other product people. RSVP for ProductTank

If Wednesday works best for you, there’s another meetup where Simon will be demoing ProdPad and talking about where we’re taking future development. RSVP for StartupProduct

Coffee (or a drink!) on us, any time

Regardless, if you’re in the area, we’d like to meet you! Get in touch for a coffee or a drink at

We’re happy to demo ProdPad to your team, give product management advice, or just generally chat. Let us know when works for you!

Not in San Francisco?

Meet us in your city! Find out where we’ll be next

Janna Bastow is co-founder of ProdPad, software that helps product managers plan and deliver better products. Janna also organizes ProductTank events around the world, including Mind The Product, a global community of product managers. She likes to inspire great product conversations by asking: “What problem are you trying to solve?”

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