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The ‘Completed’ Column: Track Your Key Metrics On Completed Roadmap Cards

December 2, 2016

ProdPad Updates

Your product roadmap isn’t just about looking out into the future. As you wrap up work on a roadmap card, you want to be able to communicate the results and outcomes of your work across your organization. Did you meet your objectives? Did you hit your numbers and key metrics?

For a data-driven company, this is how you keep your eye on the ball.  With our ‘Completed’ column, you can now make your key objectives, conclusions and completion dates available to everyone you work with.

How it works

When you wrap up a roadmap card, mark it as “complete.” This moves the card into the Completed column where the following is available:

Completion date: This is the only place you’ll find dates on your ProdPad roadmap 😉

Objectives, KPIs and observations: You can use the free-form text field to include the overall results of your project, A/B tests, key conclusions, insights, and so on. We all track different objectives differently, so don’t feel like you have to stick to any particular format.

TThe Completed column is a standard feature on all ProdPad accounts! ?How to get it

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