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Meet the Team: Sam Peerless

January 11, 2019

3 minute read

We’re really proud of the team we’ve brought together to make ProdPad awesome and we like to take the time to introduce them to you in our Meet the team blog series. In this instalment we’re talking to Sam Peerless who joined the team as our QA & Support Engineer. Sam has yet to meet a SAML problem he can’t solve and keeps the whole team laughing with his flair for puns and quick quips!

Sam Peerless with a cow.

Let’s get stuck in shall we? Over to you Sam!

Explain what you do Sam:

As ProdPad’s QA & Support Engineer I try to make myself useful in a few areas. I help our customers answering their product and technical queries, and responding to feedback about ProdPad. QA means I get to play with, and try to break, all the new features before almost everyone else and make sure that when they get to our customers they are “bug free”. I’m also responsible for tracking down and characterising the tricky bugs (the ones that do slip through) and edge cases that our customers report.

What did you do before ProdPad?

I worked in the public sector for over 10 years delivering a weird and wonderful variety of IT systems projects in a few different roles, most recently as a business analyst.

What makes you excited to work at ProdPad?

I love that everyone is brilliant and passionate about what they do and want to make the best product possible for our customers. We have an amazing team who are a lot of fun to work with. I love problem solving, so getting to do this every day is big plus.

Favourite productivity app?

I have a lot of love for Cloud App. It’s like Snipping Tool, if Snipping Tool was awesome and not like Snipping Tool.

Favourite time-wasting app?

Geoguessr. It’s so addictive, basically gamified street view.

Most famous person you’ve ever met?

Gus Poyet (former Brighton manager and Spurs player) was on a podium dishing out high fives at the start of Brighton Marathon one year, I didn’t realise until I had ran past him and another runner mentioned it. So I ran back to shake his hand, as if I didn’t have far enough to go.

Favourite thing about working remotely?

Getting to hangout with my 13 year old Labrador, Sunshine.

Sunshine and a very good boy
Look at that handsome chap. He knows he’s a very good boy.

Puppies or kittens?

Puppies! Sunshine is a legend, anyone who says kittens hasn’t met my boy yet!

Any hobbies?

It’s not really a hobby, I spend a lot of time studying for my degree in Computer Science, that takes up a fair amount of time. I also like playing rugby badly, going hiking with my girlfriend, going to gigs, watching Star Wars and eating pizza (that counts as a hobby, yeah?).

Fun fact about you?

I don’t know if you would call it fun but years ago I passed a course in electrical installation, even though I’m colour blind.

Kav and I used to be in a couple of bands together many years ago, we never achieved anything special possibly because it was a bit loud and shouty.

Sam and Kav Rocking out

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