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Product Lines and Product Portfolio Roadmaps

October 10, 2013

2 minute read

As the VP/Director/Chief of Products, you’ve got more than one product to worry about. In fact, you very well may have a handful of different product lines to keep watch over, each with varying numbers of unique products in each one.

If this sounds a little bit like how your own product portfolio works, you’ll be thrilled to hear that we now support product lines on ProdPad!

Manage your Product Portfolio Roadmap on ProdPad
Manage your Product Portfolio Roadmap on ProdPad

We’ve made it simple to group your products into any number of product lines.

Not only does it make it easier to organize your product documentation in ProdPad, but it also allows you to view a high-level view of your roadmap for each distinct product line.

Product Portfolio Roadmaps

Even if your products don’t fit nicely into product lines, we now allow you to view your product portfolio as a whole.

As Steve Johnson describes in his article on Portfolio Roadmaps:

A portfolio roadmap has become the preferred way to show delivery plans over time. It’s not just a desired feature list by month; it’s bigger than that. It describes major blocks of work, not a laundry list of features.

The format of the portfolio roadmap follows the familiar “Current, Near Term, Future” lean product management format that you already use in ProdPad.

And like the regular ‘single product’ roadmaps on ProdPad, you can share the portfolio with your team, or simply use it as a snapshot to get up on the wall or drop into your Board slides at the end of the month.

If you’re managing multiple products, the portfolio management in ProdPad will help you keep a clear overview of what products you have and where they are going.

If you’re not already on ProdPad, you can start your free trial today!

As always, we love getting your feedback! Let us know how you manage your multiple products, and how we can help make you awesome at that using ProdPad. Get in touch at any time.

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