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Andrea Says: Set Clear Priorities Using Roadmap Cards

July 21, 2015

Andrea Says

Roadmapping can be a tricky business. There are arguments for keeping your roadmaps private, or putting them public, using dates or removing dates – everyone has their own ideas on what the perfect roadmap looks like. But it’s what you do with your roadmap that counts.

I always suggest you think of your roadmap as a communication tool. It is through your roadmap that you will be able to prioritize your team’s current and upcoming work, while keeping the rest of your company, clients and stakeholders in the progress loop.

In ProdPad, Roadmaps contain roadmap cards. A roadmap card is an initiative or project that ties in each Idea together. For example, let’s say that you have a project that involves improving engagement within a particular Product Line, then “Improve Engagement” could be your roadmap card name, with several ideas attached to it.


Each roadmap card can be assigned colors, much like post-its. In fact, it’s really helpful to think of them as virtual post-its. Use the color option to identify cards that fit your specific strategic initiatives (e.g. green for ‘Revenue’ or blue for ‘User Growth,’ etc). You can also add tags to your cards with product areas or components where each initiative sits. Take a step back from the roadmap and discuss with your team about how it can be balanced or reordered to give a more realistic view of how you’ll tackle the product vision.

If you’re working with Agile, think of these cards as Epics or Stories.

Create a roadmap card

To create a roadmap card, access the roadmap by clicking on “View Roadmap” on either the Products or Roadmaps pages.

Click on the “Add a roadmap card” button under any of the columns.

Give the card a name and a quick description so all team members know what it’s about.

Attach ideas to roadmap cards (via roadmap)

Once the roadmap card is created, you will see an option labeled “Add ideas.” Simply type in the idea name or ID if you know it to attach the idea to the roadmap card. This will allow your team to know what ideas are associated to each project. It’s easy to do and keeps your ideas perfectly organized!

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Andrea is a Product Support and Management expert, technical writer, and social network monkey. An undercover geek with a passion for music, animals, and avid unicorn rights activist, she's always up for a challenge.


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