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Full Control and Full Functionality with On-Premise Product Management

September 17, 2018

2 minute read

We are happy to announce that we now supply ProdPad as a self-hosted, On-Premise implementation, giving you the security and control that your organization demands.

This new offering ensures that our Enterprise customers can have control over where and how their data is hosted. It means closer integration with your existing IT stack while still being able to use all the features our SaaS customers know and love.

ProdPad On-Premise gives you the power to align your organization around the goals that matter, while staying compliant with your IT standards. By housing ProdPad completely within your organization’s network, you can be sure that your data is only accessed by your company employees (including your own support team) and is managed by the IT team you already trust. It’s product management the way your business wants it.

As with all our Enterprise plans, we’re ready to support your procurement process with a comprehensive vendor check, including security, information security and risk assessments. Customers will also get access to a dedicated account manager who will be there to support the roll-out process every step of the way. This includes web-based kick-off sessions and quarterly refresher sessions to make sure you’re still on top of your product management process, with the option to add in-person, custom training as part of a professional services engagement.

The ProdPad team is always in the background, providing the knowledge and guidance your IT team need to help you. Not only that, you can still make use of our comprehensive online help center, including masterclass videos – or maybe even host them on your own company training environment. We offer continuous support so you never feel like you’re flying solo.

Unlike other on-premise solutions, ProdPad is priced with a single annual license fee – no need to worry about separate maintenance fees. Upgrades are included, and provided based on a pre-agreed schedule. You won’t have surprises when it comes to new functionality, and can roll out new capabilities to your teams based on your own timetable.

Pricing of ProdPad On-Premise is available on request, as we find that every customer is looking for something a little bit different! Are you ready? Let’s have a chat!



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