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Multi-Language & Emoji Support: We’ve Gone International!

July 15, 2016

2 minute read

Hola, ¿que tal? Was geht? Ça va?

You’ve always been able to write in some foreign languages in ProdPad, but today we’re excited to announce that we’re introducing international characters to our text editor.


Not that kind of international character.

We’ve added additional character support for Chinese, Japanese, Greek and Hebrew. We even support Aramaic, so you can even grow your product backlog in the language of Gilgamesh. (We think of everything.)

With German, French, Portuguese, and other popular languages already on the menu, you can now do your product planning in more languages than one. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

But wait! What if you can’t find the words to express yourself in any language?

Introducing Emoji Support ?

We heard you loud and clear: sometimes there aren’t words for what you’re feeling.

As of today, ProdPad supports the full spectrum of complex human emotion.

tears of joy

But you can do more than just feel feelings – you can organize and search ideas and customer feedback by emoji.

Awesome use case: One of our users puts a ? next to idea titles that are “super hot” – what a fantastic idea! Now he can then go back and search for all his ? ideas by emoji too.

What can we say?

Just a smörgåsbord of new developments today.

Feeling…moved? You can start using ProdPad free/gratis/gratuito today. Start your free trial!

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