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Meet the Team: Andrea Saez, Head of Customer Success

June 10, 2015

2 minute read

In this edition of Meet the Team, we’re sitting down with Andrea Saez, Head of Customer Success here at ProdPad. It’s highly likely you’ve already spoken to her in some form, be it Intercom, Slack or at MTP!

Today we aren’t asking her how to do something within ProdPad, we’re going to find out what keeps her motivated and the answer to the most important question there is… Puppies or kittens?

Andrea tames the mighty unicorn

Explain what you do at ProdPad

I do a lot of client-facing stuff. I take care of all requests, attend demos and meet clients with Janna, and take care of our Help Center. I also write blog posts, tweet *a lot*, and make sure we’re spreading the word about ProdPad. I’m basically here to make sure our clients are happy and all our processes are simple and smooth, so new users have a really easy time getting onboard.

Favourite productivity app

Does Twitter count as a productivity app?

Favourite time-wasting app


Most famous person you’ve ever met

I’ve gone to a lot of ComicCons in Montreal thanks to a good friend of mine who always snuck me in for free, so I’ve actually met a lot of famous people… Gillian Anderson, Sir Patrick Stewart, George Takei (he is the sweetest!) to name a few. But nothing beats meeting James Marsters. There’s a great story behind that one.

Favourite thing about working remotely

Being able to switch it up. One day I can be working from our little co-op office, and the next I could be in the alps in France. It definitely helps boost creativity and productivity to not have the same routine every single day.

Puppies or Kittens


What’s your hobby?

I’m a really active person. I love going hiking for hours to random places, climb trees and end the day completely muddy!

Fun Fact about you

I’m a classically trained violinist. I have a degree in music and all… I was even accepted into Berklee College of Music. I still have that letter of acceptance saved.

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