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Introducing the Auto Roadmap Tool – Product Management Automagic!

April 1, 2013

3 minute read

The ProdPad development lab has been hard at work to make life easy for Product Managers. We know that the hardest part of any product management role is determining exactly what should be built and when, compiling that knowledge into an easy-to-understand product roadmap, and then getting everyone to buy into the latest roadmap updates.

ProdPad Product Roadmap Tool

Drag and drop to build a clear product roadmap that links to your backlog

Our earlier versions of the product roadmap tool were designed to help communicate to your team and to other stakeholders what was coming up in the product development pipeline.  It allowed a Product Manager to link their roadmap to their product backlog, mapping their development work to CurrentNear term, and Future initiatives.

And while it was easy to use for any Product Manager, allowing them to build a product roadmap and share it with their team, we wanted to make it even better…

The Roadmap that Builds itself

We now take your backlog of ideas, and with highly advanced big data crunching algorithm technology, automagically render a complete and accurate product roadmap.

The predictive technology will set in place an accurate picture of what your development team should be working on now, and in the future, with a higher degree of certainty than ever presented in a product team before.

Our technology finally captures what product managers around the world never thought possible.

Gain buy-in from ALL stakeholders

Fake email showing an automated roadmap update. Happy April Fool's Day!

Auto-Roadmap Tool automatically notifies your stakeholders of the important roadmap updates

The Auto-Roadmap Tool not only builds itself, but also covers for the hardest part of the Product Manager’s job: Getting complete buy-in from your team.

Upon completion of the roadmap, ProdPad’s Auto-Roadmap Tool will email each of your important stakeholders, informing them of the important roadmap updates that have been put in place and gently letting them know which of their suggestions and requests have been ignored left out. It does this using advanced natural language processing and AI, processing their initial request, comparing it to the product specs and your company’s product vision, and compiling an automated tailored response to each of your team members, clients, and Board members who’d otherwise question the new roadmap.

We set out to change the face of product management, and to finally build that tool that every product manager was waiting for – something to create their product roadmap and garner buy-in while they worked on the important things… like setting the Product Vision and finding the best flat white in town. – Simon Cast, ProdPad Development Lab

We’re proud to announce this technology today, and will be rolling it out to our users in the coming days. Make yourself an account today, and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates.

Update: As a bunch of people correctly guessed, this is an April Fool’s joke! While the idea of a tool that *automagically* creates a roadmap with no input sounds like it might make everyone’s lived easier, it’s simply not possible…. yet! In the meantime, we’re providing tools to help you understand where your product needs to go, what the relative priorities of various ideas and feature requests are, and put it together in a simple drag and drop product roadmap.

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