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Five Ways To Improve Team Collaboration With ProdPad

July 29, 2015

2 minute read

Communication and improving team collaboration are two essential ingredients when it comes to building amazing products. Whether your team is large or small, being able to communicate efficiently will allow you to work in a clear, effective manner – and with the help of ProdPad, you can reach optimal productivity with these five amazing features.


Mentions allow you to tag anyone to an Idea, Mockup, or Design you are working on. Simply type @+the first letter of their name, and select the user from the dropdown menu. Not only will they receive your mention notification, but they will be added to the item’s ‘follow list,’ ensuring they won’t miss a thing.

Daily and weekly email digest

If you’re the lead in a team, getting constant updates may become overwhelming. Reduce the amount of emails (or increase them if you want more!) by opting in to daily and weekly email digests to get a round up of what’s been happening in your account.

Team Collaboration and Commenting on mockups

Long gone are the days when you had to scribble changes and edits on so many different post-its you lost track of all your version reviews. By annotating comments directly on your mockup, you can easily guide your team through changes and requests. Read more about this feature in our Feature Friday post!


Yay, Nay, or Maybe? Let your team voice their opinions by giving an idea a thumbs up or down.

Add ideas anytime, anywhere

We make it easy for team to send in ideas no matter where they’re at. With our Chrome Extension and email dropbox, your team can submit ideas no matter where they are.

What are your favourite tools to improve team collaboration? Let us know in the comments, or start your free trial of ProdPad to see these great features in action!

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