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AI for product managers

Work better and faster,
with AI in your corner

Use a product management tool packed full of AI goodness to save you time and super charge your productivity.

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Do the work of 5 product managers

Automate the grunt work and free-up hours of time to do what matters most.
Let ProdPad become an extension of your brain and a hardworking assistant to lighten the load and power-up what you’re able to achieve.

The idea description AI generator in prodpad product management software


Write up work in seconds

Never suffer the agony of a blank page again. With generative AI tailored specifically for product management you’re using the right tool for the job and will get there faster. Let your AI Assistant take your roughly formed ideas and transform them into clear words ready to take to the team.

The AI idea description generator in prodpad product management software

Write idea descriptions

Just give your product idea a title and have our AI Assistant flesh out a detailed description.

The AI user story generator in prodpad product management software

Generate user stories

Let our well-trained AI create multiple user stories in moments, to your preferred format.

The AI feedback summarizer in prodpad product management software

Summarize feedback

Get a clear, intelligent summary and analysis of feedback with one click.

Holy sh*t Batman, this is a game changer ProdPad! 🤩 Loving this new feature and not starting from a blank sheet of paper. Extra impressive in that ours is quite a niche B2B product.

Chiara Gardner

Senior Product Manager | Gearset

Chiara Gardner
The AI Product Coach in ProdPad product management software


Get on-the-spot coaching

Be the best you can be with our AI Product Coach checking your work and offering constructive feedback to improve what you’re doing, right in the moment. Informed by product management best practice and a full knowledge of your strategy and product, there’s no faster way to get the advice you need.

The AI Product Coach in prodpad product management software giving feedback on a product vision

Refine your product vision

Nail your vision with a constructive review and intelligent suggestions.

The AI Product Coach in prodpad product management software comparing an idea to the product vision

Align to your strategy

Get a full analysis of how each idea in your backlog compares to the product vision.

An example of The ProdPad AI Product Coach giving guidance through Slack

Get coaching when you need it

Slack your AI Product Coach and get instant answers and sage advice.

The compare idea to product vision is a very pleasant surprise. I tried it for one of our ideas and the response was spot on. Even highlighted considerations around privacy! I’m very impressed.

Amay Tavanandi

Head of Engineering | Talent Analytics

Amay Tavanandi
The AI Assistant generating roadmap initiatives in prodpad product management software


Craft your roadmap in moments

Whether you’re creating a roadmap from scratch, or planning what to work on now, next, or later, kick-start your thinking with AI suggestions on how to achieve your product vision and hit your objectives.

ProdPad AI generating roadmap initiatives in prodpad product management software

Generate roadmap initiatives

Let our AI suggest initiatives for your roadmap that align with your vision and answer your objectives.

ProdPad AI generating new ideas for your roadmap initiatives

Brainstorm new Ideas

Start with a problem to solve, then click to generate a bunch of possible solutions to explore.

ProdPad AI generating key results for your product OKRs

Set targets and key results

Take any broad objective and let our AI generate a series of measurable key results to track success.

Boost your performance by 40%. It’s proven

Don’t just take our word for it. In a study by Harvard Business School, MIT and the Boston Consulting Group, the use of generative AI tools was proven to significantly help people do more, faster and to a much higher standard. In fact, there was a 40% increase in performance.(Source: Dell’Acqua, et al., 2023) 

The AI Assistant finding duplicate ideas in ProdPad product management software


Refine your backlog in half the time

Clear the chaos from your backlog without the heavy lifting. This is a backlog management tool built to save you time and give you back hours of your life. Use your AI Assistant to get organized, surface the gems, and clean up the crap, so you can go do the interesting stuff.

ProdPad AI spotting duplicate ideas in your backlog

Stop duplicate ideas

Say goodbye to triaging dupes with powerful similarity matching doing the work for you.

ProdPad AI automatically linking customer feedback to relevant ideas in your product backlog

Link feedback to ideas

Connect the dots and automatically link your customer feedback to relevant ideas in your backlog.

ProdPad AI offering automatic tag suggestions to help keep your product backlog organized

Automatic tag suggestions

Easily get organized with relevant tag suggestions whenever ideas or feedback are added or reviewed.

Risk-free GPT for product people

Keep it secret and safe. Our generative AI features help you write faster, without the risk of your data feeding ChatGPT. Now you can take advantage of GPT with product relevant prompts already in place and without the risk of ChatGPT revealing your secrets.

Fully secure

Not feeding ChatGPT

Knows your data

There’s never been a better time to save time

Give ProdPad AI a try. Test drive our AI tools, for free, in our sandbox environment.
See what they can do with some real data. Go on, have a play!

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