Feature Friday

The ‘Completed’ Column: Track Your Key Metrics On Completed Roadmap Cards

Your product roadmap isn’t just about looking out into the future. As you wrap up work on a roadmap card, you want to be able to communicate the results and outcomes of your work across your organization. Did you meet your objectives? Did you hit your numbers and key metrics?

For a data-driven company, this is how you keep your eye on the ball.  With our ‘Completed’ column, you can now make your key objectives, conclusions and completion dates available to everyone you work with.

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Product Portfolio Planning: Track All Your Products In One View

If you’re looking for a way to coordinate efforts across multiple teams working on multiple products, you’re in luck.

You can now group multiple products together and keep track of who’s working on what in a single view by using product lines.

Product lines help you easily see cross-dependencies and status of ideas and user stories. You can also filter by tags and objectives from here, so you can zoom in fast on the areas that matter to you.

It’s product portfolio planning with a lot less clicking.

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Share Your Portfolio Roadmap!

Would you believe how many product teams are so heads down in their own work that they don’t know what anyone else is working on? Let’s end this today.

Sharing your roadmap has always been a core feature in ProdPad because we’ve always been pro-transparency when it comes to product planning. There’s really nothing to debate here – you should be sharing your product roadmaps internally, and sharing at least a high-level overview with your customers.

Everyone at your company needs to know what their colleagues are working on so they can coordinate their work across teams, and customers should always have an idea of what’s coming up next.

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Feature Friday: Add Ideas to ProdPad

Get ready to have your mind blown.

If you’re already with us, you’ll already know that you can add ideas to ProdPad from anywhere in the platform with one simple click. You also know there’s a form available on the Dashboard. But did you know of all the other neat tricks we’ve got ready for you?

Use our Chrome Extension

For anyone in your team using Chrome, we have a Chrome Extension available. Your team can now add ideas without leaving the page they are on or having to go back to ProdPad. You never know when you might see an idea as you’re browsing the internet! (or looking at cats… we know you’re looking at cats)

Via Email

By default, we provide you with an @prodpad.com email address that will allow you and your team to drop in ideas on the fly. Add us as the main recipient, BCC, or CC – add a subject, or don’t! The email dropbox is incredibly flexible, we really just want you to send in those great ideas.

For teams who want a personalized address, we can also help you get a custom address with your own domain set up and hooked up directly with ProdPad.

Hook all the things through Zapier

If you haven’t heard of Zapier, it’s an amazing tool that allows you to hook up any two platform API’s. With hundreds of API’s available, Zapier allows you to link ProdPad to any of them. Just set ProdPad as the action – and integrate your forms, email addresses, and even an SMS dropbox through Twilio to have your team (and even customers!) send in their ideas.

Zapier also allows you to connect to popular chat tools such as Hipchat and Slack, so if an idea pops up as you’re in a channel, simply send it in without having to leave your chat window!

Via the API

But wait… there’s more! For those of you who want to create your own custom integrations, we have a powerful API available.

It’s so easy to get your whole team adding ideas to ProdPad that you should never need to use a spreadsheet again! If you haven’t seen ProdPad in action for yourself then start a free trial today, or if you’re already using ProdPad then share your tips for managing ideas in the comments!

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