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OKRs vs. Roadmaps Deathmatch with Bruce McCarthy

Thursday 20th January, 5pm GMT // 12pm EST // 9am PST

What is more important your OKRs or your Roadmap?

Join our webinar with special guest, Bruce McCarthy, Founder of Product Culture, and host Janna Bastow, CEO of ProdPad and inventor of the Now/Next/Later roadmap. They’ll be exploring how OKRs drive roadmaps.

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About this Webinar

We’re kicking off this year with the deathmatch you’ve all been waiting for OKRs Vs Roadmaps – Who will win? Can they work together? Did John Doerr get OKRs wrong?

Get a front-row seat to the battle of the year and explore the topic with special guest, Bruce McCarthy, and host, Janna Bastow. They’ll be sharing their expert knowledge, real-world examples and exploring core theories and best practices.  

In this session, we’ll also explore: 

  • How can OKRs drive your Roadmap 
  • What did John Doerr get wrong about OKRs
  • How to use OKRs and Outcome-based Roadmaps to Measure Success
  • How OKRs can be used to empower your Product Teams
  • What is more important your OKRs or Roadmap? 
  • And so much more!

About Bruce McCarthy

Bruce McCarthy, Founder of Product Culture, helps companies like EGYM, Vistaprint, Localytics, Huawei, and Kaleyra achieve their product visions through forums, workshops, advising, and private coaching. He is President Emeritus of the Boston Product Management Association and a head judge at the annual Harvard Business School New Venture Competition. Bruce co-wrote Product Roadmapping Relaunched: How to Set Direction While Embracing Uncertainty.

Bruce McCarthy

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