User Personas & Feedback

Bring customer insight to life

Your customers’ problems, needs and desires are fundamentally built into the ProdPad model of product management. Put user personas and real feedback to work at every stage of decision-making to make sure you’re always building products your customers will love.

User feedback and customer personas can be attached to every single every idea to help your team keep the customer in mind for day-to-day decision-making

  • Capture and attribute every piece of user feedback
  • Build out personas with needs, attitudes and pain points
  • Learn from step-by-step best practice in-tool

Understand when an idea has traction

Not every suggestion should make its way into your roadmap.  Track when multiple customers ask for a feature and convert these to ideas when you’re ready to build out a full spec.

  • Manage user feedback and ideas separately
  • Trace ideas back to their origins to see who wants what, and why

Communicate better with your customers

ProdPad not only makes it easier to automate better communication about product direction with your customer base, but also to get in touch with individuals about their suggestions.

  • Share customer-friendly roadmaps via PDF or live on your site
  • Get in touch with customers to discuss their feedback
  • Let customers know when their suggestions have been implemented

Find out more about Customer Feedback best practice, or read our User Personas & Feedback how-to guide for more on ProdPad features.

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