Requirements Management

Requirements Management for Product Teams

ProdPad helps you open up requirements management across the company so everyone can pitch new ideas, feedback and designs.

Make requirements accessible across your company

Spot quick wins
Sort, search and filter
New, detailed ideas get bigger and brighter

Requirements Management Tools

Develop ideas in your product backlog into detailed product specs with ProdPad’s requirements management tools.

Idea Canvas

The idea canvas is a template that helps you build detailed product specs

Grow support for your product ideas

User Personas

Be clear who you’re building for by linking up user personas in ProdPad to product ideas.

User Stories

User stories in ProdPad can be pushed straight to development so you only have to do the work once.


Bring product ideas to life by attaching screenshots, images and sketches to product ideas.

Customer Feedback

Link customer feedback to your product to help you keep the customer at the center of your plan.

Unlimited Team Collaboration

Invite unlimited team members to contribute feedback and expertise

Assign ideas to colleagues

Select team members to take charge of product specs. Assigning a team member as an “author” gives them full access to the spec.

Team voting

Your team members can vote ideas up or down to flag up ideas they would really like, or that they believe are on the wrong track.

Discussion area

Give your coworkers a chance to jump in with insights and concerns before you start building. Each idea has its own discussion area.

Drop in new ideas from anywhere

You don’t have to be in ProdPad all day to create new ideas in ProdPad. These tools and integrations help you and your team collect ideas from wherever your team hangs out.


Use our Slack integration to add new ideas to the product backlog with a hashtag command. You can also search existing ideas quickly in Slack using a simple keyword search.

Chrome Extension

No login is necessary to log new ideas with our Chrome extension. Just drop a quick idea and title and the idea is logged and created for you.


Send ideas to your custom email account in ProdPad. Fast, useful and classic.

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