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Product Management Webinar: Product Strategy

Platform Product Strategy & Scaling Product Systems

Tap into a treasure trove of product insight with Ezinne Udezue, VP of Product at Procore Technologies and host Janna Bastow, CEO of ProdPad.

Ezinne Udezue

About Ezinne Udezue

Ezinne Udezue, VP of Product at Procore Technologies.

Ezinne Udezue is a business leader with a unique balance of creative, technical and management experience. In her current role, she leads Platform Product Initiatives with a special focus in Data and AI and building out the Ecosystem and Marketplace for the Construction Industry.

Key take aways

  • What successful product strategy looks like
  • How to build a product that’s a platform
  • How to scale product systems
  • How to drive results and measuring outcomes and impact
  • What’s at the heart of product management?
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