Meet us in your city!

The Team is constantly on the move. Come find us if we happen to land in your city!

We’re based in London, Brighton, and Berlin. Get in touch at to arrange a meeting. We look forward to meeting you!

More to come…

2016 Tour

San Francisco May 1-6: Mind the Product
Meet the Team in San Francisco

January 27-28: ProductTank Dublin
June 16-19: ProductCamp Dublin
September 21-22: SaasStock
Meet the Team in Dublin

July 31 – August 2: MicoConf
Meet the Team in Barcelona

August 17-18: Turing Festival
Meet the Team in Edinburgh

September 28-30: Mind the Product
Meet the Team in London

2015 Tour

San FranciscoJanuary 19-24th: San Francisco, CA
Mind the Product, June 1-6:
Meet the Team in San Francisco

January 26-30th: New York, NY
ProductTank NYC, January 26th: RSVP
Meet Janna in New York

March 13-16th: SXSWi, Austin, TX
ProductTank Drinks, March 15th: RSVPs open soon…
Meet Janna at SXSW

Nov 3rd-5th: Dublin, Ireland
Meet The Team at Web Summit



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