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3 Amazing Zapier Integrations To Power Up Your Product Backlog

June 20, 2016

Andrea Says ProdPad Updates

Want to push ideas in and out of your product backlog faster? Our new Zapier integration is here to eliminate your tedious admin work and organize your product dev process for you.

Now, instead of having to go back into your backlog to organize your ideas and customer feedback, Zapier will label and categorize them for you as they come in.

On the other hand when you’re pushing complete ideas and user stories over to your dev team, you can now choose when and select which integrations to push to. 

Excited to speed things up? Here’s what Zapier will do for you:


1. Tag new ideas in your product backlog automatically

zapier product backlog


Now when you or someone else creates an idea, Zapier files it in right place for you. You can set your integration up to assign labels when a new idea is pushed to ProdPad. Some new options we offer are:

  • Tag
  • Product
  • Status
  • User persona

It’s worth noting that these are new options in addition to the standard business case and title that you’ve always been able to push to ProdPad.


2. Label incoming customer feedback by source

tag your customer feedback

If you’re sending customer feedback from multiple sources into ProdPad, you can now set up Zapier to push everything into one central place, bringing all your business areas together. You can even set it up so that it tells you the incoming source:

  • Via Zendesk as “support”
  • Via Salesforce as “sales”
  • Via Intercom as “live chat”

You can then manage all your feedback in ProdPad. Find a full list of our Zapier integrations here.  


3. Control what you send to your dev team

We’re giving you full control over what you push to your dev team, when you push it, and to which integration.

prodpad zapier triggerThis new integration allows you to select an existing Zapier integration from your list of available integrations when you click on ‘Push to Dev’, so you can select from within ProdPad the integration you want to use.

Now you can push an idea or user story to development when it’s fully ready, so your dev team is working with the right stuff.


How to set up your ProdPad zap

Pushing ideas and pushing user stories Zap’s will show up in the integration list and can be used like other integrations that users can push to. To push an idea or user story to Zapier, you first need to set up a Zap – see instructions below.

prodpad zapier trigger

  1. Create a Zapier account, if you haven’t already. Once logged in, click the orange “Make a Zap!” button.
  2. Type in “ProdPad” in the “Choose a Trigger App” search bar and tell the Zap if you want to it trigger from new ideas, new user stories, pushed ideas, or pushed user stories.
  3. Connect your ProdPad account by typing in your ProdPad API key, test the connection, and continue.
  4. In Step 2 of the Zap, you can select the 3rd party application you want to connect ProdPad to.
  5. Connect that 3rd party application to Zapier and do the mapping of the ProdPad fields to the 3rd party fields.
  6. (Optional) You can add extra steps to your Zap if you want Zapier to send the pushed idea or user story to multiple places at once.
  7. Test to make sure it works.
  8. Toggle the Zap to “On”

Once the Zap is on, Zapier will create the integration within your ProdPad account which makes the Zap available for pushing in their list of integrations you can push to. The name of the integration is taken from the Zap name.

More brilliant zaps for your product management workflow

Zapier connects ProdPad to 500+ other apps and tools you use, including Intercom, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Intercom to ProdPad

Push suggestions, comments and other customer feedback from your Intercom chats to your product backlog using hashtag commands.

Twilio to ProdPad

Want to organize feedback via text? Push customer feedback via SMS to your product backlog.

Zendesk to ProdPad

Got customer comments coming into your support team? Push feedback from your helpdesk straight to your feedback log.  

Salesforce to ProdPad

Got feedback from potential customers and leads? Push it from your CRM to your feedback log.


Want a self-organizing product backlog? Try ProdPad for free today.  

Andrea Saez

Andrea is a Product Support and Management expert, technical writer, and social network monkey. An undercover geek with a passion for music, animals, and avid unicorn rights activist, she's always up for a challenge.

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