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The ProdPad Community’s Getting Busy – Suspension’s Zap for Slack

Posted by Simon Cast
October 10, 2014

In just a few months since we released the option to build your own custom web hooks between ProdPad and other services, our community has already been busy creating new and interesting ways to better integrate product management into their businesses.

Calvin (@calvingiles) at Adthena built Suspension using this integration tool, which allows the product team to push relevant ideas to Slack for the whole company to discuss and provide input on.

Shaun at Adthena had the following to say:

All our departments have an interesting and valuable perspective on the product, so we’re always looking for ways to encourage idea generation. By pushing their most thought-provoking ideas from ProdPad to Slack, we bring the Adthena team closer to the brainstorming process and encourage more engagement with ProdPad. It’s an easy and lightweight way to stimulate idea generation.

This innovation from the Adthena team is just one example of many possibilities for how ProdPad can be integrated with your existing tools and processes.

We’d love to hear from you on any projects you’re working on using our API or custom webhooks.

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