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Build An Instant Product Backlog With Our New Slack Integration

Posted by Andrea Saez
January 25, 2016

Yes! You read that right. We have a brand new Slack integration!

The new integration allows you to do more from within Slack, a place you hang out in all the time anyway.

Use our bot to onboard users, create ideas, get notifications, and search for ideas within ProdPad. But that’s not all! You can also login to ProdPad using your Slack account with our new one-click login.

Let us introduce you to your new favorite shortcuts:

Send new ideas to your backlog with a #hashtag

Use the command #idea to create a new idea in ProdPad.

Now you don’t have to switch tabs when inspiration strikes.

Instantly search your idea backlog

Search among existing ideas in your backlog by typing ‘@prodpad #search [search phrase]’:

That’ll save you some time right there.

Get pinged about new ideas

The bot will notify you of any new ideas or feedback added to your account to the channels that are mapped in the integration setup:


Our bot onboards everyone for you 🙂

Your bot will guide you through a quick setup and ask you the following question:

Would you like me to create ProdPad user accounts for all the users of your Slack account?

Say “yes.” The bot will use Slack data to create those accounts.

The bot will then ask you:

Okay, great! Would you like me to onboard users to ProdPad? I will contact them by DM letting them know their ProdPad account has been set up and what they can do with me and ProdPad.

If you say “yes,” The bot will teach new users how to use it, including basic commands.

If you answer ‘no’ the bot will still create the user account in ProdPad, but will not proceed to contact the user in a DM.

When new people join your team, you can onboard new team members to Slack and ProdPad at the same time.

It’s 100% free for everyone

Like Slack, we are committed to team communication. That’s why your new ProdPad-Slack integration is completely free for our Plus, Premium and Unlimited customers. If your team is talking on Slack all day, then we’d love to see some of those conversations turn into your next great idea.

Happy slacking, Slackers! ?

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