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How ProdPad Fits In: Capturing Ideas

Posted by Janna Bastow
June 5, 2014

When done right, product management is probably the business function that integrates with more people and processes than any other. So it’s essential that a product management system fits into this complex intersection between customers, colleagues and technology. And without too much disruption.

This week, we take you through how ProdPad fits in for capturing new product ideas from many different sources.

Don’t start from scratch

When you first start using ProdPad, we make it easy for you preserve all the precious data you’ve already collected, and keep working on your existing product backlog. A drag’n’drop import from any other system allows you to map across fields to ProdPad ideas and build up your ideas list with all the precious data you’ve already collected.

Capture the bare essentials

Add idea overlay

Add ideas easily to ProdPad

A ProdPad idea can start as small as you like. Although the idea canvas is ready to capture everything from the business case to technical requirements when you’re ready, our only entry criteria for a new idea is a single one-liner description. This makes it as simple as possible for you and your team to record their ideas directly into ProdPad, rather than scattered sources.

Make it easy for others to share

Collaboration is key when it comes to feeding the product backlog. Inspiration for new product developments and changes to your existing products most often comes from your customers, and the people closest to them. But those people are widely scattered and busy with their own jobs.  Helping them to share their ideas simply and effectively is key to fitting in. A custom email dropbox that allows anyone to email ideas into ProdPad directly from their inbox, and a Google Chrome extension that allows them to do so directly from their browser facilitate collaboration with product management in a way that suits everyone.

If you’d like to find out more about how ProdPad fits into your existing processes for capturing new ideas, you can get in touch with us here.

Next week, read about how ProdPad works alongside your existing processes to build your new ideas into product specs.

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