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Ping! New notifications are here

Posted by Janna Bastow
December 17, 2012

Notifications Dropdown in ProdPad

Notifications at the ready in ProdPad

We know your job is hectic. That’s the life of a Product Manager, always involved in just about every aspect of the company.

And with your entire team now on ProdPad, humming away and building on your collective product knowledge and savviness, you don’t want to miss a thing.

Sure, you get the emails, but when you check ProdPad at the end of the day (or at the beginning), you just want to see a nice, organised list of what’s happened that you should know about, and what’s still to be checked out a little more closely?

Now, completely with a nifty alert telling you exactly how much has piled up, we bring you in-app notifications.

The quick dropdown tells you what’s new from any page, and on the Notifications page itself, you’ll be able to see which things are shiny and new, and which you’ve already seen.

Notifications Page in ProdPad

Get a full list of Notifications, the ones you’ve seen and the ones you haven’t

Part of this release also includes a subtle but useful more dynamic activity feed and notifications, showing you the new stuff without you needing to reload the page. Now it’s easier than ever to keep ProdPad open and pinned in your browser, so you can jump in and out as needed.

Finally, we’ve just launched some improvements to your email notifications for comments.

We save you time by including the idea details and the entire comment chain related to you, so you can see what everyone’s been saying without having to jump back into a browser. Just reply, and your comments are added!

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