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Keeping Customers in the Loop: ProdPad and UserVoice

Posted by Simon Cast
June 16, 2014

Today we’re releasing another addition to the list of two-way integrations with ProdPad. Now we connect even more closely with UserVoice.

User feedback is an extremely important source of new product ideas. A product manager’s mission is to steer the development of products that fit real user needs as closely as possible, and often there’s no better source of inspiration than directly from the horse’s mouth. ProdPad provides an area dedicated to documenting user feedback from diverse sources, but for users of tools such as UserVoice it’s helpful to share feedback data between systems without having to repeat tasks.

Until now, ProdPad offered a simple one-way integration with UserVoice, allowing you to push customer suggestions over to ProdPad ideas.  Not every customer suggestion should make it into your product backlog, making this selective synchronisation perfect for promoting a suggestion to an idea. But now it’s possible to automate status updates in UserVoice when a related idea changes in ProdPad. This means that every team member can track the progress of a customer’s suggestion and report back, no matter where they’re looking.

Setting up a two-way integration between UserVoice and ProdPad

If you use UserVoice to collect customer feedback, you can get your two-way integration up and running by following the steps provided directly in the ProdPad UI.
1. Simply select ‘Edit Mapping’ for your UserVoice integration, and confirm the name and the initial ‘trigger’ that sends ideas from UserVoice to ProdPad
UserVoice Integration Setup
UserVoice Integration Trigger

2. In the next step, choose which ProdPad idea statuses should match UserVoice suggestion statuses and save
UserVoice Integration Status Mapping

3. Every time an idea linked to a UserVoice suggestion is updated, the status will follow through to the UserVoice interface too, letting the customer know how their input is progressing

These automated status synchronizations effectively allow indirect integrations with other systems too. Users of project management tools such as JIRA can automate status updates all the way through to the customer from the development team via mapping in ProdPad.

With integration and synchronization of only the important information via ProdPad, every team member – and even customers – can remain in the loop without suffering information overload. Communication is more effective than ever, and the product manager’s workload is cut in half.

If you’re using ProdPad and UserVoice and would like to find out more about this integration, you can get in touch with us here

And if you’d like to see how ProdPad can help you take user feedback through to fully validated product specs, you can sign up for a completely free 14 day trial here

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