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Introducing Custom Web-Hooks for Product Management, Your Way

Posted by Simon Cast
May 30, 2014

Following this week’s announcement of our new and improved API, today we’re happy to share another update that allows you to customize ProdPad even more closely to your existing processes.

ProdPad users can now use custom webhooks to interact with any 3rd party application.  Custom webhooks work by posting data for an idea or user story to any URL of your choice, provided that it’s capable of processing this data.

So even if you use a system outside of our extensive list of ready-made integrations, you can push across data from ProdPad in just the same way.

When you create a custom webhook in ProdPad, pushing ideas and their associated user stories is as easy as for any out-of-the-box ProdPad integration and can be done with a click of a button from any idea page.

What are the advantages of sharing ProdPad data with other systems?

ProdPad is designed as a home for Product Managers to live and breathe new ideas to improve their products. There is a wealth of information here that is valuable for many other people in your organization, particularly designers and engineers, but not all the data you gather is relevant. And what’s more, those colleagues have systems of their own, where they live and breathe their own jobs.  In pushing across only the relevant ideas and user stories to third party applications, you can be sure that every team benefits from the idea management process, and that nothing is lost in translation.

In introducing custom webhooks we’re opening up seamless integration of data, processes and people to any product management team in any organization.

You can find out more about creating custom webhooks in ProdPad with this How-To guide.

And if you’d like to find out more about how ProdPad can be integrated to help you do product management, your way – you can get in touch with us here.

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